Backpacking Around


BACKPACKING AROUND. So these photos should have been uploaded days ago but something went wrong with the photos when I tried to upload them. Anyways, Ophelia took these of me when we walked around in Amsterdam after a small shopping round. First we went to Mango which I must say was such a disappointment! There is no other way to describe it than mediocre! Not a single exciting thing to be found in the entire shop (except for a black, long sleeved jumper but who hasn’t got that in stock??)

So instead we went to Zara that never ever seams to disappoint! I ended up buying two oversized jumpers, one in baby pink (huuuhh??) and one in grey. Really felt that I should try to wear something else than black now when the temperatures are raising a bit outside. And I must say that it felt good to wear one and I didn’t feel as uncomfortable that I usually feel wearing other colours than black.

Anyways, now I’m back in Stockholm for a week where I will spend some time with my family and friends, woho!


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  1. trendsencounters

    I went to Mango a couple of weeks ago, and I felt very disappointed as well. Zara has always really nice things on stock and I always find something that I like, even if it’s a single piece.
    I can tell you I’m a whole-black thing person as well, but around here temperatures have been higher these past days, and automatically (which is kind of weird) my mood for lighter and softer colours just popped up. But black forever, anyway!

    And I love love love your jacket!! Where is it from? xx


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