Arrivederci Holiday

NewYearARRIVEDERCI HOLIDAY. So the time of celebrations has come to an end and I am completely exhausted. It is not that I haven’t rested enough, because I definitely have, but somehow it can also be exhausting not having a real routine. It gives you almost too much time to think about things that you shouldn’t necessarily think about so for me it will be nice to get some busier days. Especially since I am apparently not going to have an easy half year ahead of me (according to my horoscope) I think it’s time to get busy and leave as little time as possible to, pardon my French, fuck anything up.

But even if at this point I’m happy that it’s over for now, there are still things that I’m looking forward to wearing – and I promise you, the heels in these pictures are not one of them. A clutch I got from my amazing boyfriend and a necklace I got from my sister. Both gifts from loved ones.

/Sequin bag from Essentiel Antwerp/Necklace from Topshop/

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