Aqua Pazza in Marsaxlokk

DSC_3679The other day we went to Marsaxlokk, an amazingly beautiful fisherman’s village. It was so idyllic with all the colourful boats in the harbour and since the season hasn’t started there yet there were not many people in the village. We had dinner at Aqua Pazza after having gotten a recommendation to go there and the food was absolutely amazing. For starters we had saffran pasta with seafood which was great and after that we took some red snappers and rockfish for mains. There was so much food it was impossible to finish it for the 4 of us but it was so good we ate until we almost fell off the chairs.

It is such an amazing contrast to be able to go to a restaurant and get a fish that was caught the same day in the waters outside. You can really feel the difference between this sort of fish you buy at the grocery store. So amazing… So you can understand I’m not really looking forward to having any fish over here anytime soon!
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