DSC_4052Just got back from the doctor and I got completely soaked because of the rain. This combined with the fact that I’m having an exam today does not make me wish less that I could go back in time a few weeks to when I was visiting dad in Malta. On this day in particular we rented a boat and drove to a restaurant where we had absolutely amazing food. Clams, mussels, deep red snapper & bazooka fish that were caught 200m below sea level, calamares, fish tortellini, prawns and finished with some ice cream before we were off to the blue lagoon! Of course the moment we got there the sun got covered by clouds (the sun had been shining and not a cloud on the sky during the entire day). So want to go back!

Now I need to put the computer aside for a few hours since I need to study for the exam in Fashion Strategies I have tonight. Wish me good luck!







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