ANDREJ’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant

DSC_9103As I already wrote, yesterday me and Bou went for lunch at this amazing place called Andrej’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant. I have never been a fan of oysters but promised Bou that I would try it again and I must say that I am so happy that I did! They were so good and I will definitely be up for one the next time there’s an oyster bar in sight!

We started off with oysters and a salad and after we shared one Wienerschnitzel and one white fish with oven-made vegetables and it was really amazing. I could go there today again if I had the energy! Also what made me love the place the moment we got there was the decor. We sat outside in super comfortable and beautiful chairs and the tables I could have taken home the second I saw them. There’s really nothing better than a gold and marble table in my opinion!

After the lunch we went into some different shops on the look for a bonsai tree and after that home quickly before we headed towards a terrace to have a drink. The weather was just beyond amazing yesterday so we soaked up some sun until it make dinner time and we went to have burgers around the corner at Beef Brothers, a place that probably had the best burgers I’ve ever had and that I’m still lusting for! After that we made our way between a couple of cocktail bars which served awesome drinks which eventually made us stumble home. A great night in Düsseldorf in other words!

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