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I haven’t talked a lot about my job here on the blog for some reason which is extremely weird since I think that would be something that would interest a lot of people who want to have a career in fashion.

I work as Brand Director at a newly launched fashion brand called FracasNoir, a brand that is all about fun, adventure and a little bit of mischief! The clothes are very feminine, inspired by the 1940’s and 50’s femme fatale and should contribute to a thrilling and exciting life with a touch of suspense!

Working for a small company is really the best way to learn about every aspect of the industry and learn how many different things in a wide range of areas work. There are always new challenges to conquer, things to learn and ways to improve which makes it an extremely fun job.

Right now, we at FracasNoir are looking for driven entrepreneurs who see themselves at the helm of FracasNoir to join our team, and wants to take on Ambassador roles and possibly shares in the company.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a FracasNoir Ambassador, please leave a comment in this post and you will hear from me shortly.

DSC_6176Me and Hans during our video project shoot
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  1. Mireillebeckwith

    Hi Rebecca,

    I would love to hear more about the company as well as the opportunity. I am always interested in becoming involved in anything fashion especially this line sounds like my style. I am in the United States so I’m not sure if that is an option, but would love to hear more about you. I’m new to the blogging world having just launched my style blog and putting it out there. But this is why I jump at anything involving fashion and to be active in something I love.


    Mireille Beckwith


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