A day at NicoNico

DSC_3017The other day I visited my boyfriends mother’s shop to take some photos there together with my friend Mona. It is such a nice shop that sells clothing both for women and children and sell brands such as Anecdote, Kokoon and HunkyDory! They also have the best shoe collection ever! I have a couple of pairs from the shop by now and all of them have become my favourites since they are mostly real statement shoes which I absolutely love.

So having this said, last night I took the train to The Hague where Bou picked me up since he had driven over from Germany to surprise his mum who has her 60th birthday today. He was unfortunately not able to attend this evening when she’s having her party so therefore he wanted to surprise her last night and have a birthday breakfast for her this morning before driving back to work in Germany. It was really nice spending some time with him even if just for a night and the breakfast this morning was absolutely amazing. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen the picture coming by this morning.

Today I have quite some work as well as things to do for school so I will get going with that now and hopefully at some point during the day I will be able to fit in a manicure. My nails look like a complete disaster since I’ve been wearing my Shellack for way to long so let’s hope this goes through!

I wish you all a great Friday! Ciao!

The pony hair shoes I’m wearing in this post you can find HERE and the sweater you can find HERE. All other product in this post you can find HERE.

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