A blur

Myfaceabovethewater A BLUR. So this week has been such a blur. I’ve been with friends and tried to enjoy life to the fullest and not care about anything else, which has been really good for me. Me and Lisa made this awesome list of music on Soundcloud that I will paste to the end of this post so you can listen to it.

This weeks mistake I must say has been that I’ve become so obsessed with The Bridge, it’s just way to scary for me. I tried sleeping by myself last night which resulted in absolutely no sleep at all.. So now I’m spending my last day working for Issa Who? so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open..

So anyways, when I was back in Sweden where it was waaaaay colder than here in Holland, it was literally impossible to go outside without a hat on. I tried it and it literally felt as though my ears would fall off, which I obviously wouldn’t want to happen!

/Hat from Carhartt/Top from Zara/Jeans from Diesel/Coat from Paul & Friends/


anditfeelslike everytime

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  1. trendsencounters

    Gosh, it is surprisingly beautiful! There’s something in this outfit simplicity that makes it look completely gorgeous. I also love your make up!
    And my favorite song from the playlist might be Sexual Healing, it is pretty good! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the weekend, by the way! xx


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