6 Daily Make-up Essentials

DSC_1353I am not a beauty snob and I don’t know a lot about different products or how to put them on. I have had the exact same make-up ritual for years and have only lately started ”experimenting” with using eyeshadows from time to time. During the last few years my wildest experiments have been mixing between a brown and a black eyeliner, a normal and a liquid one so you can see that using eyeshadow is a pretty big thing in my book. 😉

But, since I have been doing exactly the same thing for years without being dedicated to one brand I have tried out quite a few products, of which most of my favourites I’m using today. Therefore I thought I would share some of my favourites, what they do and how to use them. As I said earlier I am absolutely not a beauty snob but I like having good products. The quality of a product usually does not depend on the price in my opinion but things that I put straight onto my face I tend to spend a bit more money on since I feel that my skin stays in better condition when I use those products. But, I know many people who use low-price products for all their make-up and it works great for them so it is very individual. Even if I hate admitting it I am also a huge sucker for having nice packaged products in my make-up bag and I’d happily spend more money on something for the packaging being great. It sounds very stupid but there’s something that makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself when I’m putting Chanel on my face in the morning instead of Maybelline. It makes putting make-up on in the morning to a pleasure for me. But anyways! Here are my favourites that I’m using at the moment.

GIVENCHY Make-up Box – I got this one as a gift a couple of months ago when my aunt came to visit me in Amsterdam and it has been my best friend ever since! Here we have the reason why I started trying out using eyeshadows. It contains a powder that I’m using on an everyday basis for contouring Le Prisme Visage Mat (84 Beige Mousseline), an amazing blush that I also use every day called Le Prisme Blush, 7 different eyeshadows Les Prisme Yeux – Mono, the great eyeliner Magic Khôl (1 Black), The Mascara NOIR Couture (One of the best mascaras I’ve ever used!), and the gloss that I don’t use that much simply because I usually don’t use lipgloss, but it has a fantastic colour, Gloss Interdit (01 Capricious Pink).

CHANEL Les Beiges – I absolutely love this Multi-Action All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid. It has SPF 15 which is perfect if you have very fair skin like me and the consistency is great. It feels like putting on a cream but it evens out the skins tone and gives you a healthy glow. (I’m using colour NO 20)

CLINIQUE Even Better – When I feel like my skin feels extra uneven, which usually happens to me during the winter months I prefer using something a bit thicker than a BB cream. I hadn’t owned a foundation in quite some time and wanted to have something that evened out without making me look stiff like a Barbie doll and got recommended to use this one. I’ve used Clinique’s foundations before and I really like them but this one has been proven to beet all the former ones. It evens out my skin and makes my skin feel so much better. I love it! (I’m using colour 24 linen)

LA PRAIRIE concealer – I absolutely LOVE this product and I’ve been using it every day since I bought it. I mostly use it as a highlighter underneath my eyebrows and in the corner of my eyes to make up look more awake. If you want to invest in a product that will give your face that extra lift then this is perfection, but keep in mind that it doesn’t cover zits that easily so for that I would use something else.

L’ORÉAL Super Liner Brow Artist- I’ve used many eyebrow pens in my life simply because I feel like a completely different person without dark eyebrows. If there was one thing I could bring to a deserted island it would be an eyebrow pen. So having that said it is difficult to choose a favourite but this is definitely a very good and price worthy one. It is easy to use and the pen is soft which means that you wont rip your hairs out as well as it having a little brush and wax for the colour and the brows to stay in place.

L’ORÉAL Super Liner BlackBuster – I haven’t used a liquid eyeliner for very long so I’m not very good at applying it but I must say I really like this one. It really sticks and has the perfect black,black, black colour.

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