blazer2Oh God what a weekend! It started on thursday already. Bou and me went to this super awesome hotdog place here in Amsterdam called The Fat Dog where we had hotdogs with goose liver and truffle mayonnaise and some other awesome ones! In the evening we made some great food and spent the evening in bed in front of House of Cards to prepare mentally (and physically) for Diynamic Festival which was on Friday. We had so much fun there it was insane and the weather was just amazing! So to say the least I was pretty tired yesterday and ended up staying the entire day in the bed.. But it was definitely worth it! Today I’ve been studying like an idiot since I have a business exam on Tuesday so I have to get back to that now. But thought I would give you a little update! Ciao! I’m wearing/watch from Nixon/Blazer from Gina Tricot/Vintage fur clutch/Top from Moda International/ blazer4 blazer3 blazer Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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