10 Awesome Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Follow


With more than 75 million daily Instagram users (source) it is needless to say that it’s impossible to keep track of the most amazing feeds. We all have our favorites that keeps us scrolling and scrolling until we’ve lost track of time completely. So I think it is every Insta-user’s responsibility to share their favorites with the rest of the world. So that’s what I’m doing now. These Instagram accounts may be strongly addicting, so handle with care.

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HELT ENKELT–  This Swedish interior/lifestyle blogger’s Instagram feed is a dream come true for anyone who is slightly interested in interior design.

GARANCE DORE–  The owner of one of my absolute favorite blogs garancedore.com has one of the most astonishing Instagram feeds ever. Follow this French goddess’ daily life in New York. Everything from interior to food and illustrations. I’m in love!

MIROSLAVA DUMA–  Do I need to say more than Miroslava Duma? This girl is a legend when it comes to style and there’s just no way to get enough of it (and so thinks 662K other people)

NIKE WOMEN –  Okay… I don’t exercise. But this Insta makes me want to.

ANOTHEROSE –  I have absolutely no clue who this woman is, but the amazing #foodstagrams and unconventional outfit photos taken from above makes you want to scroll and scroll. This woman seams to be as addicted to her breakfasts as me, but with a slightly higher standard.

RICH STAPLETON–  This is the Insta of the creative director of Cereal Magazine. What more needs to be said?

KIEL JAMES PATRICK –  I first found out about KJP when I got one of their bracelets as a gift. Probably one of the most entertaining Instagrams I know and it is so impressive to see how inventive they can be with their account, while still staying extremely close to their brand’s identity.

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ALL BEST STYLE–  Not just another random style-Insta. Style icons to girls I’ve never seen before, all with one thing in common – amazing style!

DROMELOT –  Fashion and concept designer with a feed that makes you just slightly obsessed. The perfect combination between interior and amazing photography.

CHLOE JAMES–  This is just cool. Cool outfits, cool collages, cool quotes. Simply cool.

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